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На этом сайте вы найдете музыкальные произведения из России и Украины. Восточно-европейские версии ремикса от ди-джеев инструментальные на английском/русском или украинском языках.


На цьому сайті ви знайдете музичні твори з Росії та України. Східноєвропейські версії реміксів від діджеїв як інструментальні англійською/російською чи українською мовами.


On this website you will find music productions from Russia and Ukraine. East European remix versions by DJs as instrumental in English / Russian or Urkranian.


Auf dieser Webseite findest du Musik Produktionen aus Russland und der Ukraine. Ost Europäische Remix Versionen von DJs als Instrumental in English / Russisch oder Urkranisch.

HasenChat Music - Russia Club EDM
HasenChat Music — Russia Club EDM
Welcome to Russia
Trouble ( House Mix )
Alone ( Trance Mix )
Before you Run ( House Mix )
Dance to the Rhythm ( House Mix )
Did You Want to Know ( House Mix )
Dont give Up ( House Mix )
Hurt my Love ( House Mix )
Wanna Dance ( House Mix )
You Like ( House Mix )

Russia has a growing and vibrant electronic dance music (EDM) scene, with club culture and EDM festivals becoming increasingly popular across the country. Russian DJs, producers, and music enthusiasts have been actively contributing to the global EDM community. Here are some key points about club EDM in Russia:

1. Rising Popularity:

  • In recent years, electronic dance music has gained immense popularity in Russia, with a growing number of clubs, festivals, and events dedicated to EDM.

2. Moscow and St. Petersburg:

  • Moscow and St. Petersburg are two major cities in Russia known for their thriving nightlife scenes, including clubs that feature EDM music.

3. Russian DJs and Producers:

  • Russia has produced talented DJs and producers who have gained recognition not only in the country but also on the international EDM circuit. Some notable Russian artists include ARTY, Zedd (who was born in Russia), and Nina Kraviz, among others.

4. EDM Festivals:

  • Russia hosts various EDM festivals and events, such as Alfa Future People, Outline, and Solar Systo, which attract both local and international EDM artists and fans.

5. Clubs and Nightlife:

  • Moscow and St. Petersburg have a vibrant nightlife scene with clubs dedicated to EDM and electronic music. Clubs like Space Moscow, Icon Club, and Gazgolder are well-known venues for EDM events.

6. Influence of International Acts:

  • International EDM artists frequently tour in Russia, contributing to the country’s EDM culture and inspiring local talent.

7. DJ Competitions and Talent Development:

  • Russia hosts DJ competitions and events that promote emerging talent in the EDM scene. These competitions offer opportunities for aspiring DJs and producers to showcase their skills.

8. Online Communities:

  • Russian EDM enthusiasts and fans engage in online communities, social media platforms, and forums to discuss EDM events, artists, and music.

9. Diverse EDM Genres:

  • The Russian EDM scene encompasses a diverse range of subgenres, including house, techno, trance, dubstep, and more.

10. Global EDM Culture:
— Russia’s participation in the global EDM culture has led to collaborations between Russian and international artists, contributing to the fusion of cultural influences in EDM music.

The EDM scene in Russia continues to grow and evolve, with a dedicated fan base and a strong presence on the international stage. It offers a diverse range of musical experiences, making it an exciting destination for EDM enthusiasts and artists alike.