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Rap and Hip Hop 7
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Russia has a burgeoning hip-hop and rap scene, with a growing number of talented Russian rappers and hip-hop artists gaining recognition both in Russia and internationally. Here are some notable Russian rappers:

1. Oxxxymiron:

  • Oxxxymiron, whose real name is Miron Fyodorov, is one of the most prominent figures in Russian rap. He is known for his complex lyricism and thought-provoking themes. His battles and rap competitions have garnered significant attention.

2. Noize MC:

  • Ivan Alekseev, known as Noize MC, is a versatile artist who combines rap with rock and punk influences. He is known for his socially conscious lyrics and energetic performances.

3. Basta:

  • Basta, or Vasily Vakulenko, is a well-established rapper and hip-hop artist. He is known for his storytelling skills and has a significant fan base in Russia.

4. Timati:

  • Timati, whose real name is Timur Ildarovich Yunusov, is a rapper, producer, and entrepreneur. He has achieved commercial success with his music and is known for collaborations with international artists.

5. Pharaoh:

  • Pharaoh, born David Nuriev, is known for his trap-influenced style and has gained a strong following in Russia. He often collaborates with other Russian rap artists.

6. Miyagi & Эндшпиль (Miyagi & Endshpiel):

  • This duo consists of rappers Ivan Alekseev (Miyagi) and Nikita Bykov (Endshpiel). They are known for their melodic and emotional rap songs.

7. Morgenshtern:

  • Morgenshtern, whose real name is Vladislav Klimov, is a rapper, singer, and internet personality known for his controversial and provocative lyrics.

8. L’One:

  • L’One, or Levan Gorozia, is a rapper and producer who has achieved recognition for his contributions to the Russian hip-hop scene.

9. Jah Khalib:

  • Jah Khalib, born Timur Yunusov, is known for his blend of rap and R&B styles and has produced several chart-topping hits in Russia.

10. Face:
— Face, whose real name is Ivan Dryomin, is known for his distinctive style and introspective lyrics. He gained popularity through online platforms and is known for his anonymity.

These are just a few examples of the many talented Russian rappers and hip-hop artists who are making their mark on the global hip-hop scene. Russian hip-hop continues to evolve and diversify, reflecting the country’s unique cultural and musical influences.