Vocal House Episode 2

Vocal House Episode 2
You and Me Baby
Here we Go
Feel Good
House Flute
Love in the Rain

House music has a thriving presence in Russia, with a vibrant and energetic house music scene that spans various subgenres. Russian cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg are particularly known for their dynamic house music scenes. Here are some key points about house music in Russia:

1. Energetic House Scene:

  • Russia boasts a lively house music scene with a diverse range of subgenres, including deep house, tech house, progressive house, and more.

2. Clubs and Venues:

  • Major cities like Moscow and St. Petersburg have a multitude of clubs and venues dedicated to house music. Clubs like Propaganda in Moscow and Stackenschneider in St. Petersburg are known for hosting house music events.

3. Festivals and Events:

  • Russia hosts house music festivals and events, such as the Outline Festival and Moscow Music Week, which feature both local and international house music artists.

4. Local House DJs and Producers:

  • Russia has a growing community of talented house DJs and producers who have gained recognition both in the country and on the global stage. Some Russian house music artists include Nina Kraviz, Anton Zap, and Lay-Far.

5. Moscow and St. Petersburg Scenes:

  • Moscow and St. Petersburg are at the forefront of the Russian house music scene, with a vibrant nightlife and a wide variety of house music events.

6. House Music Labels:

  • Russian record labels, such as Highway Records and Shanti Radio Moscow, focus on releasing house music and support local and international talent.

7. Influence on Electronic Dance Music (EDM):

  • Russian house music artists and events have contributed to the country’s overall influence on the global EDM community.

8. Cultural Influence:

  • Russian house music often incorporates elements of Russian culture and influences, adding a unique flavor to the genre.

9. Collaboration with International Artists:

  • Russian house music artists frequently collaborate with international musicians and labels, fostering cross-cultural musical exchanges.

10. Education and Workshops:
— Russia offers educational programs and workshops for aspiring electronic music producers and DJs, helping to nurture talent within the house music scene.

The house music scene in Russia continues to evolve and diversify, with dedicated enthusiasts, talented artists, and a vibrant club culture. Russian house music artists and events play a significant role in shaping the global house music landscape.