A Brief History Of Power Tools

Tools powered by electric motor, compressed motor or a gasoline engine find tremendous industrial use. Used in the construction industry, drilling sanding, painting and polishing, power tools are indeed multi-dimensional in their use. The function of metalworking is done by stationary power tools. These are known as machine tools when used in the context of stationary power tools. Machine tools are generally used for metalworking and very rarely used in wood working. Instruments like drill presses and bench grinders are used for both the functions of woodworking and metalworking.

Let us understand the revolution of power tools.

The Egyptians have been contributed with the oldest power tool in a hand-powered form. The revolution of power tools from its hand powered form to the currently available mechanized versions has been quite amazing. The revolution entered its second stage with many factories taking to power tools which were driven by belts from overhead shafts. These power tools were driven by water and sometimes, by steam engines.

What are the features of power tools?

Speed – Power tools are known for their speed in cutting. These tools driven by engines provide cutting-edge efficiency for cutting and lathing purposes. If you are a business owner of a cutting firm, you would need to buy a power tool to understand the difference between hand tools and a power tool which could also be called as a table tool.

Quality of the cuts – Using a power tool for cutting enables the cutting firm to lay their hands on some high quality finishes. A power tool produces cuts of such high quality that one would not be faulted for throwing away all the hand tools. The cuts produced off a power tool is of high quality, with the cuts being more smooth, straight and square in shape. In fact, seeing with naked eyes, one may not believe that the product came out of a power tool.

Who produces these power tools?

Leading equipment manufacturing companies like Dewalt, Bosch, Paslode, Makita, Stanley and Trend are some of the companies who manufacture Power tools. These power tools address a variety of wood and metal cutting functions like sawing, drilling etc. Some examples of the power tools produced by these manufacturers are – Makita Piece Drill Bit and Tool Kit, Dewalt Slide Crosscut Mitre Saw, Makita “Lithium- Ion Hammer drill and many more. One such instrument in the long list of products is the Makita 190 mm Circular Saw. Some of the features of this product are – 1200 Watt Motor, 190 mm Diameter Blade with a 30 mm Bore, 66 mm cutting capacity. Should individuals wish to buy an instrument for their drilling purposes, they can eye the Bosch cordless Hammer Drill with Changeable Chuck. Having features like SDS + Fitting, Rotary Hammer, this equipment provides the best drilling experience for people who use this equipment.

There are many power tool equipments available in the market that anyone who wishes to buy these products can eye on. Please be sure to do enough research on the features and functionalities of the products.