Acomplia is an Answer to Your Overweight Problem

Being overweight may put you into many embarrassing situations and at that time in frustration or in depression one chooses dieting to loose that extra pound of weight. But they are unaware of the fact that this may help them burn their calories but at the same time body muscles also gets disappear. One thing more, dieting is dangerous and leads to various perilous diseases.

So is there any effective alternative way to shed those extra pounds from your body without any health problem? And the answer is YES. Thanks to medical science which has given us Acomplia.

Though it may seem to be impossible at the first time, but it is your approach that will decide about your future body status. According to various clinical trails, appetite suppressant gives a control on over weight problem and works effectively with a balanced diet plan a regular exercise regime. One such appetite suppressant is Acomplia. Advantages attached with Acomplia diet pills make it stand different from others and is said to have lesser side effects than other diet pills available in the market.

Acomplia not only works as a weight loss drug but also stop our urges for smoking. Acomplia is the first of a new class of drugs that block the cannabinoid receptor 1 (CB1).

Researchers say that this system of receptors is disrupted by tobacco and by chronic overeating. The drug restores the balance in the system, reducing dependence on tobacco and suppressing appetite. Since many smokers are also overweight, Acomplia could end up doing double duty.
Acomplia’s mode of action targets the same biological «switch» in the brain that makes people hungry when they smoke cannabis. The drug binds to and blocks a so-called cannabinoid receptor protein found on the surface of brain cells. Obese patients treated for one year on the highest dose of 20 mg per day shed an average of 19 pounds and lost 3.5 inches of waistline, researchers showed, while 39 percent lost more than one-10th of their body weight.