Acuvue Bifocal Contact Lenses may be the answer for you

You may be getting to that age, even though you may not want to admit it, that you can’t see the stop sign from 50 feet away anymore. But you also can’t see it clearly when you’re 5 feet away from it either.

Nearsightedness, or the inability to see long distances, is something you may have been born with, this new sight problem you are experiencing is a natural problem brought on by advancing age.

Never fear though, because just as your eye doctor had a fix for your first eye disorder, he or she can help with the second one as well.

The fix is called Acuview bifocal contact lenses. Acuview bifocal contact lenses can provide vision correction for both problems simultaneously.

You may have feared that you would have to wear those bookwormish bifocal glasses that your grandmother used to wear. Right!

Well, you could if you really wanted to.

But the technology in the twenty-first century has freed us from the confines of plastic rims and thick glass lenses. Now you can go to comfortable, plastic Acuview bifocal contact lenses.

Acuview bifocal contact lenses are an essential tool for you if you suffer from presbyopia. This is the problem that makes focusing your eyes at close distances difficult. Expert estimates show that about 100 million Americans experience presbyopia, mainly because the condition is a natural part of aging and occurs in almost everyone.

You may start noticing the problem around the age of 40, but some people may start noticing the problem at a much later age. Regardless, whenever presbyopia starts to affect you, it drastically changes the way you look at eye care.

For healthy eye care you should visit your eye doctor on a regular basis, but when you notice a problem with your vision occuring, it is vital that you see your eye doctor on a regular basis to keep tabs on how the problem is progressing.

You will also need to let your doctor know what you want done about your condition. If you can’t cope with the problem, it may be time to start using Acuview bifocal contact lenses.

You will be surprised how Acuview bifocal contact lenses will not only help you with your problem but they are no big deal to use.

You may be concerned at first about using them, especially if you’ve never dealt with contact lenses before, but after only a few usages, it will become second nature for you to putting them in and taking them out.

One of the reasons for this is due to the design of the lenses. The lenses come with an inside-out indicator, so you know how to stick them in your eye the first time.

They are also coated with a visibility tint. That way, you can see them in the case, in your eye, and on the floor if you should ever drop them.

Lastly and very importantly, they afford you flexible wear schedules, you don’t have to constantly worry about caring for them.

So if you are experiencing this problem, don’t wait, make an appointment with your eye doctor. Then ask him if the Acuvue Bifocal Contact lenses are right for you.