Advertising Your Genes

Customers pick the best product. Women pick the best genes. Well, not quite.

Every soy sauces claim to be number one.

Who knows which one is?

Consumers do not pick which one is best. Consumers pick which one looks best.

Well, you see, like anyone in the world, women do not pick the best genes. Women pick the best looking genes.

How do they know?

All products, including sperms, require advertising. That advertising can actually hurt gene pool, or even life survival. However, if the advertising can improve women’s impressions on the males, some males will do it.

Let’s examine the peacocks elaborate tail. Those tails actually hurt survival.

Those tails attract parasites and predators.

Peacock’s with shorter tails will not attract predators and hence live longer.

However, the fact that most peacocks have long tail is a proof that at least in the past, peacocks with longer tail have survived better in the gene pool.

We know that it happens because peahens are attracted to peacocks with long tail. The reason why the tails are attractive is surprisingly because the tails hurt gene pool survival.

A living peacock with longer tail must have strong capability to fight parasites and run from predators.

Hence, a built in pattern recognition algorithm in all peahen’s mind will correctly conclude that any living peacocks with long tails must have better genes than peacocks with shorter tails.

It’s the same reason why human males spend a lot of money for car, donations, big mansions, and bling blings. All those actually hurt gene pool survival. The money used to buy sport cars cannot be used to buy food or health care.

Moreover, a male that show of wealth will often be killed with other males with less to display in their effort to get rid more desirable competitors.

Such killing explains genocide done against capitalists, Jews, and other successfully contributing minorities all over the world.

However, women know that any men that can afford such things must be rich. So women pick such males, and males buy those things.

Advertising of survival capability don’t just end there.