America And Responsible Spending

Financial Crisis Of Epic Proportions

The United States is headed for a financial crisis of epic proportions. If the words America and responsible spending doesn’t send you into fits of laughter or bouts of despair, I just don’t know what would.

The United States currently owes more than sixteen trillion dollars. That is the number 16 followed by twelve zeroes. Twelve!

I just do not think you can say the words ‘America and responsible spending’ in the same sentence without including the phrase, «yeah, right!»

So what does the average American learn form all of this from our own government? Not much good, let me tell you.

Now, the average American does not owe that much to his creditors compared to the national debt but whoever decided to tell Americans that the American dream was to be in debt up to their behinds was completely misinformed.

What happens to John Q. Public when he gets behind on his bills and can’t find a way to pay them? Someone comes and takes something away from him. His car gets repossessed or his house goes into foreclosure.

Maybe, if he still has some income coming in and hasn’t lost his job yet he can work hard at getting his outstanding debt in order by learning to do it himself or calling a credit counseling service to teach him how to manage his money better.

If none of this works or the debt is just too big then there is also the last resort of Chapter 7 bankruptcy.

The best thing about a credit counseling service is the fact that they will get all of the collection phone calls stopped and will try to negotiate a settlement with the lenders and other creditors.

This can relieve some of the stress of the whole situation so you can have the opportunity to just stop and think about it all clearly for a change. You may even be able to come up with a solution of your own if that happened.

The bad thing about a credit counseling service is the fact that their services do not come free. You have to pay them for helping you out of a bad situation. This may be a difficult thing to do when there is not enough money to go around to begin with.

Anyone can get themselves out of debt if they really put their minds to it. The first thing to do is to free up as much money as you can. I don’t care if it is only five or ten dollars a month.

Pick a bill and send them that extra cash with your regular payment. Then when that bill gets paid off use all of that money to pay off the next one on the list and so on and so on until you are debt free.

America and responsible spending may be out of reach for the government and the country a sa whole but if you set your mind and budget to it, it isn’t for you. Fix your American dream by becoming debt free.