American Presidents

The President of the United States holds the highest office in the country, and is the Chief Executive in charge, presiding over both the Congress and the House of Representatives. Since the first American President, George Washington, took office on April 30, 1789, forty-one more presidents have been sworn into office for a collective total of forty-three presidencies. The match doesn’t work does it? This is why; Grover Cleveland, the twenty-second president was also the twenty-fourth president who served two separate terms, and the only president to do so. Franklin D. Roosevelt, the 32nd president of the United States was the only American president elected to four consecutive terms covering the Great Depression, the bombing of Pearl Harbor, and World War II. He died shortly after the start of his fourth term of office from a stroke in 1945.

Lots of great little-known facts about the American Presidents, from 1789 to present, can be found in the biographies section at the official website of the White House at Visitors can tour the White House online or in person, including panoramic views of the grounds and famous rose gardens. In addition to learning all about the American Presidents, online visitors can also learn about the First Ladies and the children who grew up in the White House. Biographical facts and key events of each President in the United States are featured at, in addition to a complete video archive, a tour of presidential and vice-presidential gravesites, the American Presidents Portrait Exhibit, and lots more. This is also a fun way for kids to get in a history lesson without being extremely bored!

The Internet Public Library features election results, cabinet members, notable events, and a few points of interest on each of the presidents can be found at As you can see, websites dedicated to the American Presidents abound on the internet, and all have some of the same yet different information available. Sites that feature blogs relating to specific American Presidents are also prominent, in addition to history of presidents, the presidency, politics and related subjects, including biographies for every president. If you want something more to remember your favorite president by, just visit his online library and check out the online store if you can’t physically make it to the library for memorabilia. Commemorative plates complete with the presidential seal, books, used autographed golf clubs, etched wine glasses, and personalized collectibles are among just of the few items available for purchase to remember your favorite American Presidents.