Arbor Snowboards

Snowboarding is more than a sport for some people, it’s a way of life and participants rely on companies that make good equipment. Arbor Snowboards have built a reputation for wood top boards that are stable and give a good performance. The main showroom is in Venice, California and there are international distributors in Europe, Canada, Japan, Russia, Australia and New Zealand.

Different terrain and snow conditions demands different kinds of boards and Arbor Snowboards categorize their boards as All Mountain, Freestyle and Freeride. The All Mountain is a mixture of Freeride and Freestyle. The Freeride is a longer board for fast turns and the Freestyle is shorter and wider and is suited to snow parks.

The A-Frame is a Freeride carver, designed for on edge riding. It holds a deep line and has tight control in steeps situations. The Wasteland is an All Mountain mid-wide and its light weight will cope with powder, tree slopes, park, steeps and backcountry. The Element is another All Mountain board and Arbor Snowboards describe it as technically advanced. It can go in to any spin or line alteration and can hold an edge at speed on the pipe or the steeps. The Alt is a bamboo made version of the Element.

Women have taken to the sport in growing numbers and Arbor Snowboards have produced boards, suited to their needs. The Push is a Freerider for women. It has a clean line and can be used for powder, natural hits, tree slopes, steeps and groomers. The Cadence is also for women and is an All Mountain board. It is light and flexible and ideal for spin tricks and rail sessions.

The company also makes a range of skateboards. These come in various lengths and designs, divided in to six series called Mini, Roller, Street, Carver, Slater and Tranny. The artwork on the boards is distinctive and contemporary in style.

There is also a line in apparel that complements the Arbor Snowboards and skateboards. Cotton sweatshirts and hooded jackets are available for men and women. Some are 100% organic cotton and some are made from bamboo cotton. Peak caps carry the company logo of a tree and beanies are designed for warmth. Belts are also sold and buckles are made from bamboo wood or eucalyptus, which is a sustainable hardwood. The buckles also carry the tree logo. Snowboarders like to have the latest gear and Arbor Snowboards are at the forefront of design and construction, using environmentally sustainable materials.