Baby Einstein Blocks Fun While Learning

Baby Einstein is a company that was founded over a decade ago. The concept is simple; provide babies with fun activities that will help them learn and grow while they are having fun. Today, there are many different types of products that can be found in the Baby Einstein product line, everything from sippy cups and diapers to baby einstein block and other toys.

Since all the toys and products in their line of products are made with the perspective of the child, they can offer a lot of fun times for you and your baby to share… and your baby may just learn a thing or two along the way!

So, if you are interested in getting your little one a baby einstein block kit to play with, here is a little more information on the blocks themselves.

First of all, if you were wondering where to buy these Baby Einstein products, you don’t need to worry. They are readily available online and at many large retailers, the most notable of which is Toys R Us.

The blocks are soft textured blocks in the right size so your baby can easily hold on to them. Each block has a picture of an animal; duck, frog, robin and an octopus. Each one has features such as pulling the legs of the frog and feel the vibration, a mirror and rattle sounds.

These blocks are fun and entertaining and can help your child learn colors as well as animals.

The reviews online were mostly positive. Many people commented that they liked the product overall but thought that some of the interactive features were hard for babies to handle. They wrote that the blocks were actually hard to pick up by the baby. One reviewer wrote that the only way her baby could pick up the block was by grabbing the tag.

Another commented that the feature of pulling the leg of the frog or opening the sun to expose the mirror were hard to do even for an adult, and impossible for their baby to do on their own.

Other than that, most people seemed to think that the blocks were well made and were something that their baby could safely play with and even learn from.

They are inexpensive too so even if your baby will only play with them for a short time, you haven’t really lost anything. You can put them away for your next child or just sell them at a yard sale.

They sell for around $13 online. You may even be able to find them for less offline if you look.

Baby Einstein is a company that was started by a new mom over a decade ago and they still strive to provide the best toys for your baby. It is important for your baby to learn, grow and develop. Even play can provide a unique opportunity to expand your babies knowledge and skills.

To get the baby einstein block kit for your baby, just head online or down to your local toy store.