Benny Hinn

The United States has produced many television evangelists and Benny Hinn is one of the more well known ones. He has a loyal core of followers and has attracted controversy and detractors too. His charismatic stage presence and merchandising skill has given him a high profile. Comic actor Steve Martin is said to have been inspired by Hinn’s stage presentations, when he played the role of an evangelist in the movie, Leap of Faith. Martin plays a character in need of redemption.

The Christian crusader was born in Israel and was brought up in the Greek Orthodox faith. Benny Hinn received a secondary education in Toronto. The public knows him best for his Miracle Crusades meetings, held in large stadiums across American cities. These meetings involve Hinn in faith healing sessions, often with people suffering from very serious conditions. The dramatic scenes are televised. His other outlet is This is Your Day, a show that he hosts and is broadcast on several Christian TV stations. There is a history of religious leaders making prophecies and Benny Hinn has made a series of them, often involving death and catastrophe.

There are many products, available from the Benny Hinn Ministries. They can be ordered online and cover a wide range of faith related merchandise. The iLumina Special Edition is a CD Rom bible that contains quizzes, an encyclopedia, animated sequences and more than 1,000 photographs. It also contains historic maps, bible charts, holy site tours and a bible timeline. This is a useful resource for anyone reading for pleasure or for students doing research.

An English or Spanish inscription from the Psalms is printed on the God’s Promises of Protection Prayer Shawl. The various names are called upon for the Names of Jesus Bracelet and the Names of God Book. The Faith Plaque is printed on gold metal and the Benny Hinn store suggests that it is suitable for the home, church, or workplace. The Bible Foods for Life book is an unusual study of scripture from a food point of view, that notes the nutritional value of foods mentioned in the bible.

There are CDs and DVDs available too, giving inspiration or comfort to the faithful. The CD collection includes a 2 disc set of A Treasury of Hymns and 7 discs of Atmosphere for Healing music. DVDs include the titles, Divine Healing, Miracles and The Life and Passion of Christ.