camping trailers for sale

It seems like each generation has a different idea of what they want to do for their retirement years. Retirement planning has become more of a concern for people because we are now living longer than in the past. In years past people would only live for a few years once they stopped working and then they would die. Also in the past there were fewer corporations that people worked for. When we were a nation of farmers, which is self employment, people kept working until they could not any more and then their families took care of them.

Once social security started and people began retiring with an income they wanted to do things in their retirement years, especially since we were living longer. A few generations ago the retirement dream often included the purchase of a mobile home so that the couple could travel to different part of the country and have their belonging with them. Then there were the developments of gated communities or adult communities. People would have less work in these and often times would have two homes in different parts of the country so they could enjoy more moderate weather through out the year. As this idea took hold there were many camping trailers for sale because the retirees no longer wanted them. Many young families began purchasing the camping trailers for sale to use on weekends. The campers became a way for families to travel and see the country without the expense of lodging. The camping grounds began to be more family friendly by providing pools, game rooms and other activities that children enjoy. Now that people are making more money at an earlier age families are starting to use facilities with more amenities than a camper can provide.

Once again there are many camping trailers for sale because the price of gas makes it difficult for families to travel on a regular basis. Also the price of lots and lake shore properties that were popular parking spaces in the past have become quite expensive. Camping trailers are still a great option to travel in as well as take family vacations. Because of the number of them on the market they can be purchased quite reasonably. Families can still stay cheaper in a camp ground and if they are visiting relatives or friends it is nice if they can bring their own lodging with them. My cousins often do this. They drive their recreational vehicle and park in our yard. We visit and have meals together and then they go to their recreational vehicle to sleep.