catch all

Most people have something in their home that you could define as a catch all. This is something that most don’t really give a name, but it works much like the name implies. In my house, it is a basket that tends to accumulate all of the little things that I seem to have no use for, but I am just sure that I am going to need at any moment. What usually happens is that I generally never use anything from that basket, and I end up starting a new one. Once a year I have to toss everything, but I never seem to learn my lesson.

Some people take a more practical approach to the catch all. They don’t save the silly things that I do, but instead use something that allows things they use each day to go in and out without losing them. This is the best use of the catch all, but it is somewhat lost on me. They may use such a place for change, small bills, keys, sunglasses, and other things that may be needed each day but are easily lost. For me, that would be great, but my important items would be lost in a pile of those things I just can’t seem to part with and can’t throw away.

You can use a catch all for just about anything, and it can be about more than just keys and loose change. You can have a basket in your foyer as a catch all for gloves, hats, scarves, and anything else that you may want to keep there, but you don’t want laying all over the floor. You can also have something like that in your kitchen for the items that you use the most so you don’t have to hunt them down daily. This might be often-used measuring cups sizes, twist ties, and other odds and ends.

There is one more type of catch all that people use, though it is rarely given that name. These are things much like welcome mats that catch all of the dirt and mud that tends to track into the house. It might even stops things like leaves from coming too far into the house. You may have to clean them, but it is far easier than cleaning up tracks that seem to go all over the house. Some of these are very simple, and some are meant for the tougher jobs. You’ll know when looking at them which will work best for your home.