Clubs For Young Girls One Is The Girl Scouts

If you have a daughter you might be interested in getting her involved in one of the clubs for young girls here in the U.S. Especially if you have had to recently move to a new area. This would be a great way for her to meet new people and make a bunch of new friends.

There are basically three big clubs for young girls that you can choose from. There may be smaller independent groups that you could find in your specific area but for now we will talk about these three, they are:

The Girl Scouts of the USA: The Girl Scouts organization, founded by Juliette Gordon Low in 1912, has been around for just shy of 100 years and is still going strong with approximately 4 million members and adult volunteers combined.

The Girl Scouts organization encourages girls and young women to shine and be who they are and more. Strong character building activities and community outreach programs help these girls and young women become tomorrows leaders and help them change and improve their part of the world.

For more information, visit their official website at

Camp Fire USA: Founded in 1910 in Vermont by Dr. Luther Gulick and his wife, Charlotte, Camp Fire Girls is created as «the first non-sectarian organization for girls in the United States.»

Based on 12 core values, which can be found listed on the official website, Camp Fire USA trains its mentors to empower the boys, girls, and even families to become strong and develop healthy values so they can work together for the betterment of the family unit.

There are all sorts of programs like the Outdoors program which shows children and families the wonders of the outdoors and encourages them to spend time studying nature and playing and having fun outdoors.

Check out their website at to find a club near you.

The Boys and Girls Clubs of America: Founded in 1860 in Hartford, Connecticut by Mary Goodwin, Alice Goodwin and Elizabeth Hammersley because they thought that boys should have more to do than just roam the streets at all hours.

The club gave the boys an alternative to causing trouble. Concentrating on character building as the number one basic building block to realizing their full potential as people. The leaders took the energy that the boys were using to cause trouble and redirected it toward teaching the boys how to be responsible, productive citizens.

In 1990, girls were included and the name of the organization was changed to The Boys and Girls Clubs of America in order to give the girls the same opportunities as the boys.

Their website is

As you can see each of these organizations has long histories with proven results for help children and families become more developmentally stable and productive. Even though the last two are not solely clubs for young girls, girls are included and do benefit at least as much, or sometimes more, than the boys do.