Color Contact Lenses

I’ve been wearing contacts for years, but have never felt particularly adventurous with my lens choices until very recently. While my friends have been raving about color contact lenses for ages, I’m just now discovering how fun it is to switch things up and add a little variety to my life. There’s just something very liberating about being able to go from brown eyes to blue to green (and all shades in between) whenever I feel like it!

The only drawback to color contact lenses is their expense. The top brands from well-known manufacturers can be considerably more expensive than I’m used to paying for my regular lens products. When I first started wearing color contact lenses, I just bought them from a local store at full retail price. This practice quickly proved to be a drain on my limited budget, so I had to start looking around for cheaper options.

The only problem was that I didn’t want to settle for cut-rate color contact lenses in order to save a buck or two. I have very sensitive eyes, and I learned the hard way that some of the cheaper lens products can cause major irritation. Dealing with red, itchy, dry eyes is not something I want to face on a regular basis.

So I then started shopping for color contact lenses online. These must be very popular products because it seems like there are hundreds of websites selling them! That’s good from a consumer’s perspective, as all that competition drives prices down. I soon found several places that offered the exact brand of color contact lenses that I wanted at significantly reduced prices. Many of these online retailers even provide free cleaning kits or other incentives, which of course makes their deals even better. This is great news for my wallet.

Besides low prices and free gifts, online retailers often stock a wider variety of color contact lenses than the bricks-and-mortar stores that I’ve been to. They often have more colors and brands to choose from, which means I almost always have new styles to try out.

If you like color contact lenses as much as I do, or if you’re thinking about trying them for the very first time, then I recommend that you buy online. You’re simply not going to get the same prices or selection at any traditional store, so don’t even bother wasting your time (and especially not your money) with those places!