Today’s society is highly mobile. Accepting a new job may mean that you must relocate, hundreds or thousands of miles away. While cellphones, laptops and other types of virtual identities readily move across the miles, you can’t take your home or apartment with you. If you’re relocating with the same employer, or are an entrepreneur with your own corporation, read on for a terrific way to cut both effort, time and stress from your agenda.

The last thing you want to do amidst all of the change notifications, packing up, and general upheaval is to locate a new permanent home. Unless you’re already quite familiar with your new city or town, consider renting a corporate apartment. There are several advantages to using the corporate apartments solution. This temporary housing arrangement can take the stress out of moving and help you make a seamless transition to your new locale.

You needn’t pay high hotel rates while you search for an apartment or house. Corporate apartments come with all the bells and whistles, truly a home away from home. These apartments are typically fully and tastefully furnished, with an eye to you hitting the ground running. Everything you’ll need, including a desk and easy access to business equipment such as FAX machines and copiers, is already there. All you need to do is arrive, unpack and you’re good to go. This lets you to get to know your new home town before making a long term commitment to one neighborhood or another.

Fortunately, it’s a snap to find corporate apartments. Just go online, type in the name of your new city, followed by ‘corporate apartments’. You’ll get plenty of results. If you’d like to cut right to the chase, use Google’s image option, typing in the same search string. Then, you’ll get photos which show what the apartments look like. You’ll get exterior and interior shots, which can help you quickly zero in on a style you prefer or that fabulous view on offer.

Location is always important. When looking for corporate apartments, it’s a safe bet that the neighborhood is attractive, safe and close to transportation. This alone makes your transition easier.

Corporate apartments may be booked online, just like any other accommodations. While they cost a bit more per month than a regular rental or lease, the convenience and tax advantages can be substantial. Then again, corporate apartments are private quarters, typically more roomy and with amenities you won’t find for the same price at hotels.

Let’s say your move is only temporary. You need to spend a couple of months in Chicago and will then return home. Corporate apartments offer an ideal solution for an extended stay of this kind.

Whether your anticipate a permanent move or just a temporary assignment, take a good look at corporate apartments in your destination area. Compared with hotels or regular rentals, you’ll avoid headaches and be money ahead with your own fully-equipped digs!