cosmetics and tattoos

You’ve seen these women around. Most likely out in night clubs doing their thing, or possibly working the cosmetic counters at the local shopping mall. They love their make-up. Can’t you tell? They never go anywhere without it. It’s caked on thick and they may even sleep in the darn stuff. It’s completely bizarre, I know! You know you’re a little obsessed when you hit the point where you can’t allow other humans to see you without your make-up on. Even your spouse and children. Trust me; there are women like this. I saw them on Oprah. Quite possibly what they need is a cosmetic tattoo. It would save them major bucks in the long run.

Welcome to the age of cosmetics and tattoos. It’s one where they’re combined. You shouldn’t be surprised if you spot a woman or man in public with a cosmetic tattoo. Maybe they had permanent eye liner drawn on, or possibly some lip liner. Yeah, it sounds painful huh? I for one would never allow someone to tattoo my eyelids or mouth. It’s got to be excruciating. But yet some individuals do go for it. I’ve encountered showgirls with tattooed eyebrows. Now I’m not going to lie, they appeared completely real. I couldn’t tell the difference until someone told me. Naturally the cosmetic tattoo eyebrows were perfectly arched. I suppose this is why some folks choose this route. You get the image of something, but without all the hassles.

The art of cosmetic tattoos has been around at least for the past 15 years, and tattoos in general for centuries. Countless women swear by the new-age concept. It offers them a definite convenience in an already hectic and chaotic world. Plucking those eyebrows and drawing on that eyeliner and lip-liner are just a few more things they don’t have to worry with. Furthermore, research has shown that this is a rather healthy approach to permanent make-up. The risk of infection is almost zero. So if you’re intrigued by the idea of no longer dealing with routine make-up applications, maybe a cosmetic tattoo is exactly what you need. There are plenty of pictures at your constant disposal online.