Earn More Money

Work More Or Cut Spending

The best way I can tell you to go earn more money is to go get a second job. If that is not possible then you may need to trim down a little so it seems like you are earning more. Life is tough these days and the cheaper you can live the better off you will be in the long run. So instead of increasing the amount you bring in try decreasing the amount you pay out.

This will take some sacrifice and discipline but will be worth it. Once you trim the fat and then get used to living this way you will see that you really did not need all those things anyway. People are learning that bigger is not always better because the old saying still holds true, «the bigger they are the harder they fall.»

So, where do you start? Well, start by writing down all of your current expenses on a sheet of paper or start an Excel worksheet in your computer. Now comes the hard part, start slashing. Be honest, do you really need all those cable channels when you barely watch anything but the local news? Just get rid of the extended channels and get down to basic cable. You can always get the other channels back when more money is available in your budget.

Mortgage payment too high? Refinance your loan if you can or take in a border if you have an extra room so you can earn more money and have some rent coming in.

Rent movies at the video store instead of going out to the movies. A family of four can go to the movies for right around $60. If you go to the video store you can rent a new release for $3 and even if you buy microwave popcorn and pop at the grocery store you could probably save yourself a good $45.

It is the same with going out to eat, learn to cook for yourself and your family. It is not hard to do and your waistline will thank you for it. If you have to eat out then make a pact that you will only eat out if you have a coupon to use.

Check your local paper for free entertainment in your area too. For instance in our area they offer free ice skating in the winter and free movies on Friday nights in the summer at one of the local downtown parks.

More and more people are giving up their landline phones and just using their cell phones. why pay for both? Unless you have a home office and need a landline for a fax machine then you do not need both.

Save money by shopping cheaper and by cheaper I mean by what you pay not the quality of the clothing and food. Shop online too, you usually can save quite a bit of money, especially if you can get free shipping.

Pay yourself first with every paycheck but do not go overboard. Make sure you have enough to get you through the week but keep things basic. Do you really need that gourmet coffee every morning? Make your own at home.

There are some great suggestions here to help you save money so that it will seem like you earn more money and have more money to apply to bills and debt.