Every Day In Stocks

Avery Horton “The Rumpled One” is a traders’ trader who makes a great income day trading a very simple day trading method called “fading the gap.”

If you could trade a method that took you less than 30 minutes to perform in the morning for $0.30 to $1 profit with 80% accuracy….would you trade it?

When you can trade 1,000+ shares in a stock that is $300 to $1,000 profit on each successful trade EVERY DAY.

Here are some of the emails I have received from Avery recently:

1) See all the gaps that have filled within 30 minutes

2) Even where the gap hasn’t filled, there’s money to be made
What I mean by statistics is how many times during the last 100 days a stock has gone up at list $.10, $.20, … $1.00 or more from open to high:

Mark, I like to keep things simple… 1000 shares * $.12 profit / share = $120. After commissions, I net $100. Basically, this is a $100 bill printing press.


See all those filled gaps?!?!?!

You would have made over $1.00 per share on every trade! The QQQQ doesn’t count, I just use it to gauge the market. But it, too, filled the gap…LOL!

Compare the middle indicator to before… see how much trading each cross can net you?

It really is simple, Mark. I think you can «feel» it… can’t you?

— Avery

Hi Mark:

1) Let’s say a trader starts with $25,000 and trades 1000 shares. If the trader nets $100 a day pretax on ONE TRADE, with 22 trading days a month that’s $2,200 in about 30 minutes or less per day.

Ok..that’s enough for now. I have picked The Rumpled One’s mind clean over the past week nailing down his “fade the gap method.” I am actually amazed he gave away so much information so freely.

So get you FREE “Fade The Gap Day Trading Method” Now by entering your name and email address. You will need to read your email address in order to go to the download page and access the method.

Get it now and start milking those “daily” profits tomorrow.