Fear Is The Reason Your Home Business Is Failing

Fear is what holds us back. The truth is anyone and I mean anyone can make money through building a home business. Why do most people fail? Well one they quit and two they let their fear hold them back. I have seen fear hold many people back and stop them from reaching their dreams. Fear takes dreams and squashes them. Fear is the reason many people will never reach their goals in life. Fear is pretty much what will get in the way of what you want to accomplish out of life. The great thing is any fear can be overcome with repeated acts of courage. If something frightens you, learn about it. Try it and you will begin to see your fear disappear. The mind is a very powerful thing and fear is located all in your mind. If you do not control your fears your fears will control you. And living afraid is no way to live. But let’s focus on fear and your home business. There are many different types of fears when starting your home business but the two I see most are the fear of rejection and the fear of failure. These are the two types of fear we will cover in this article.

So the main reason people do not even get off the launching pad and start a home business is simple. They are afraid of losing. People fear losing money,and their high praise of themselves. Money is a very emotional issue for many people. Have you ever seen the show «Deal or No Deal»? That show is a great example of the way people react to money. People normally react two ways when it comes to money, one they are greedy or two they are fearful. In the show Deal Or No Deal people either quit too soon because they are afraid of losing the money they have won or they quit too late because they are letting their greed control them. When it comes to a home business you should not let your fear of losing money stop you. Why? Money is a form of exchange, that’s it. What that means is money has no real value and you should exchange your cash for real assets. A home business is a real asset. A home business is something you can pass down to your kids. A home business is something that can get you out of your 9 to 5 and give you all the time freedom you want. The key to becoming rich is turning your cash into valuable assets. Saving your money is pointless with the returns the banks give out. And thrown in inflation and you are really taking a hit saving your money. A home business is the perfect place to start building your assets. And if you do end up losing your money on a home business, just ride off the loss as a tax ride off. It’s a win win for you either way.

Next people fear rejection. Fear of rejection is what keeps many home business owners grounded and stops them from fulfilling their dreams. It is a plain fact, not everyone is going to want what you offer. Plain and simple. The key is to keep on trucking until you find someone who does have a need for your product. It is ok to hear someone tell you I am not interested in your product or service. It should not ruin your day because someone said no. Really when you think about what is the worse that will happen if someone is not interested in your product? You’re not going to die, you’re not going to be burned at the stake. Nothing happens, it’s just a no and you move on until you find your yes.

These are the two biggest fears I see in the home business industry. I truly believe if you can conquer these two fears you will open up a whole new world of possibilities you never had before.