flash cards

If you are like me, you may wonder if you are doing enough for your kids before they enter school. Even after they start, you are aware that you have to be able to help them learn. Children are getting more and more homework than ever before, and that means parents have to know what to do. I am not a good teacher, as I don’t have the patience for it, but I do know I have to do something. This is why I was so happy when my mom suggested I try to use flash cards to help my daughter learn.

Flash cards can have anything you want on them. If you are dealing with a very young child, you want to teach them very simple things. You can have flash cards with colors on them, or perhaps parts of the body. Toddlers will do well learning colors this way, and they will also like to learn about their body parts by viewing them on a card and then pointing to them on your body and then on themselves. You don’t have to do this for long periods, as ten minute sessions a few times a week can do wonders for them.

As they get older, you can put more complicated things on your flash cards. Most children start out with the alphabet. This can take a while, but having them on the cards can help them learn to say the letters in order. After that, you can then have flash cards with little pictures next to the letters. You might have an apple next to A, for example, to teach them the sound of the letter. Help them make the sounds as they go, but don’t do to many at once. Let them master a few and them move on to a few more.

After a while they may also be able to learn some things from flash cards that will help them with math. The numbers are obvious choices to begin with, but you can go on to simple addition and subtraction after that. I know that when it comes to math, I have a hard time with it. We probably won’t go much further than simply math on flash cards between the two of us. When it comes to help with higher types of math when my daughter is in high school, my husband already knows it is all up to him.