fresh look contact lens

I used to think that the idea of changing your eye color was silly and vain. I have always believed that, in general, you should be happy with what God gave you. Sure, if you have some kind of incurable disease, you should take every action to fix it. If you’re morbidly obese or are missing a leg, get whatever kind of corrective surgery that you need to make your life normal again. But buying a fresh look contact lens seems like it goes far beyond this type of simple corrective measure. fresh look contact lenses are not something that you need, and your eye color is not something that you should change. At least that is what I thought until recently.

Then my friends Julie got a Freshlook contact lens set. She looked fantastic. Her eyes were not a natural color – they were purple. Everyone knew that the fresh look contact lens had changed them, but in spite of that, they were still stunning. Having purple eyes made her look almost magical. I struggled with my inner conscience for a while, but in the end I could not remember why I thought a fresh look contact lens was unethical. What was immoral about it? Why not change your appearance? After all, your body belongs to no one but you. Freshlook contact lenses should be as natural as changing your clothing. I decided to get myself a pair.

The problem was that I could not decide what fresh look contact lens color to go with. There are so many, after all. I could get red, green, purple, and even orange along with all the basic colors. It seemed like they were coming out with new colors all of the time. Finally, I hit upon the idea of having a different color of fresh look contact lens in each eye.

At first, I thought this idea was a little bit extreme. After all, it would be quite disorienting to look at someone with a red eye and a green eye. After awhile, however, I decided to go with it. I figured I would get a fresh look contact lens set in each color and see which combination looked the best. Then, if I had to have normal eye color, I could put a natural colored lens in. it turns out that combination I was most happy with was orange and red. I know that this might sound ugly, but the effect really is quite stunning.