Garden of Life

More and more people are turning to complementary medicine and organic, whole foods. A healthy diet and exercise can help to ward off stress related illness. The Garden of Life product range promotes good nutrition in an easily digestible form. The products are designed to help everyone. Of course, pregnant and breast feeding women should consult their doctor as to their suitability.

The range can be bought in stores or online. The company also publishes a magazine called Extraordinary Health with articles on fitness, nutrition and recipes. The Garden of Life product covers many needs. One of the lines is called Digestive Health Products and they complement a healthy diet. Perfect Cleanse is a 10 day detox regime to be used on an evening. This means that there is no fasting involved and no disruption to the working day. An informational booklet is included, in addition to a CD with guidance from the company’s founder, Jordan Rubin. Anyone with allergies can probably still use it, as there is no ingredients, containing soy, nuts, milk or eggs.

The Ultra Line is a selection of nutritional supplements and includes RM-10 Ultra, designed to boost the immune system and look after the cells. The nutrients include organic mushrooms and include betaine, folic acid and Vitamin B12. This Garden of Life product is in the form of quick release capsules and is suitable for vegetarians. The Living Nutrients line is a whole food vitamin and mineral supplement. Living Vitamin C contains fruit, peel, pulp and seeds from organically grown whole foods. It has a rich source of antioxidants and trace minerals.

Living Calcium Advanced helps to promote good bones, keeping them in good condition. Living Multi are multivitamins, available as an Optional Women’s Formula and an Optional Men’s Formula. They both contain more than 80 whole food concentrates from fruit and vegetables with added vitamins and minerals. The women’s formula has B Vitamins, calcium, folic acid and iron. The men’s version has zinc and selenium. It also contains palmetto and lycopene, both good for promoting a healthy prostrate.

Jordan Rubin has written books about diet and nutrition, in addition to running the Garden of Life product line. He overcame Crohn’s Disease and wanted to spread the word about his beliefs in his diet. The books are called Patient Heal Thyself, The Maker’s Diet and Restoring Your Digestive Health. After a grim prognosis, Rubin is sure that his diet regime saved him.