gas mileage improvement

Now that gas is almost three dollars or more a gallon, people will do anything to see some gas mileage improvement when they drive long ways from home. However, it is starting to hurt just driving back and forth to work as well. When gas prices go up, people stay home more and that means a loss for the travel industry and hotels. Along the same lines, people have to pay more for services that rely on gas like air travel and bus travel. Until the prices go down, if they ever do, you have to do a few things to save money.

The problem with gas mileage improvement is that there is not much you can do to save money other than stay home or carpool. You can keep your engine in top shape, and make sure all filters are clean and clear, but the difference is not going to add up to much. Some suggest that turning off the air conditioning and rolling down the windows will help with gas mileage improvement, but some think that having the windows down creates more resistance to the wind, and that means more gas is needed to travel at the same speed as usual.

You might want to skip the small things you can do to see gas mileage improvement, and go for the larger things that will show and immediate affect in your wallet. This means that you have to find a new way to get to work. You should find someone to ride to work with, and you can take turns driving and/or paying for gas. If you can get more than two people in on the deal, you are going to save more money. You could also ride a bike to work, but that is not always possible or reasonable for everyone.

Some are saying that gas prices are not high enough to effect true gas mileage improvement. They say that prices must get higher in order for people to make real changes and to become less reliant on gas. I can see the logic behind this, but I don’t think that is something that is fair for most people. A lot of use would love to go out and get a hybrid car or truck, but most of us can’t do it at the moment. It would only serve to hurt those who are not wealthy and destroy the economy.