Holistic Skin Care

Natural Ingrediants For Better Looking Skin

It seems as the world is filled with nasty chemicals; chemicals that seem to be helpful but may actually do more harm than good. Holistic skin care uses natural ingredients to make your skin look its best. Just so we’re on the same page, we are using the term ‘holistic’ in the sense of ‘giving importance to the whole without negating the importance of individual parts.» This approach is useful in a lot of areas, including skin care. First we will look at some common problems, and then some natural remedies for those problems.

Oily skin is the result of sebaceous glands being overactive and producing more of their oil than the body actually needs in a given area. It is also possible that more oil makes it to the surface due to having large pores. Blackheads and acne may also be a result of this common skin problem.

Acne typically strikes adolescents, though it can happen to adults as well. The main cause of acne appears to be changes in hormone levels, which is why teenagers are frequent sufferers. However, it’s also fairly common for pregnant women to develop acne too.

The simplest method of holistic skin care is washing your face with pure soap (free of additives, dyes and scents) and water, one or two times per day. Take care to do this gently as you don’t want the soap to get embedded in your pores. If this isn’t enough to do the trick, then you can try any of the following natural skin care remedies.

Make your own mud mask by combining equal amounts of raw honey and green clay powder. Apply to the face, but not too close to the eyes, and let it set for fifteen minutes. Gently wash it off with warm water. See how great your skin feels?

Cucumbers make for easy and holistic skin care. Slices of cucumbers over the eyes help to safely hydrate the area, and they are also cool and refreshing. Applying the juice from a cucumber prior to your cosmetics will prevent your makeup from being spotty. A mixture of a half-teaspoon each of lime and cucumber juice works well on the face and has some astringent properties as well.

Remember, we are talking about holistic skin care, and that means looking at the entire body and the stuff that you put into it. Fruit, green leafy vegetables and high-quality proteins are all good food choices. Be sure to drink plenty of water so your skin stays fully hydrated.

Just as important as the stuff you put into your body is the stuff you don’t put into. Avoid refined carbohydrates (e.g., sugar, white flour, and white rice) and fried foods. If you want healthy looking skin, then you also need to limit your intake of caffeine and alcohol; if you smoke, then it’s time to quit.

Perhaps the best thing about holistic skin care isn’t just how great you will look, but how great you will feel!