How to Choose and Store Watermelon

With the onset of summer we start to think about summer fruits, like watermelon. This is always a favorite treat in the summer because of how refreshing and light it is. But, nothing is worse though than biting into a watermelon that has gone bad or just wasn’t ripe enough to begin with. So you want to make sure you choose the right watermelon from the get go, and then also make sure you store it correctly.

Here are some tips to make sure you get the most out of your watermelon this summer.

Choosing the Right Watermelon

First things first — you want to start out with the best watermelon. You need to decide if you want seeded watermelon or seedless watermelon. There’s no difference in appearance between seeded watermelon and seedless watermelon. About the only difference is convenience, although some say the seedless watermelon has a sweeter taste than the seeded watermelon. Obviously seedless would be less messy, but for a good family seed fight you’ll want to get the seeds.

The easiest method for picking out the perfect watermelon is to give it a little tap on the side. If it sounds solid it’s not ripe; if it sounds thick it isn’t quite ripe; if it sounds hollow then it’s ripe and just right. Pretty simple, right?

Also take notice of its appearance. A bright, green-colored skin that’s free of cuts and is firm and symmetrical is what you want to look for. You don’t want one that is narrow on one end or misshapen, because this means it grew in bits and spurts. It should also feel heavier than it looks. Since watermelon is 90% water (which is what makes it so refreshing), you want plenty of water in your watermelon. More water means it’s nice and ripe, giving it a much sweeter taste.

Now that you have picked the perfect watermelon for your summer event, you want to make sure you store it correctly so it lasts longer.

How to Store Watermelon

The best place to store a watermelon is in a dark, cool place like a basement. However, if that’s not a possibility, then the next best place is in the refrigerator. This keeps it from rotting. Not only does it keep it fresh, but the coolness will also make it a much more refreshing for that summer treat.

Once you have cut into your watermelon, you want to make sure you tightly wrap it in plastic to store in the refrigerator. If it’s cubed or balled, just place it in a tightly sealed plastic container. If you sliced it, just place some plastic wrap over the exposed edge. This way it won’t attract the other flavors and scents from the refrigerator and change its taste. It should last about a week in the refrigerator.

There you have it — the facts on how to choose and store a watermelon for this summer. Now you should have no problem getting the most out of your watermelon.