I Am To Young For Menopause

No Not Really Everyone Is Unique

According to most doctors a women is post menopausal after she has gone for 12 months, consecutively, with no period or if she has had a hysterectomy. But, what age do most women go through menopause, do you think to yourself «I am to young for Menopause?»

Many women do think that, they do say that «I am to young for Menopause» but are they really?

The truth is, there is no set age when a woman will start menopause, though in the United States the average age is 51.

The problem is that that is just an estimate, some women will start as early in their 30’s and others don’t start until they are in their 60’s. So, I guess there is no such thing as «too young» to start menopause.

There are reasons that some women may enter menopause early, besides just the fact that everyone is different.

One of the reasons a woman may start early menopause is due to a condition called Premature Ovarian Failure or POF.

This is often due to genetic factors and can cause early onset menopause. This is because POF causes the failure of the ovaries. They stop functioning and stop producing eggs and end hormone production.

If you have a family history of POF you will be much more likely to be prone to it yourself. Once that happens your body will enter into menopause.

Other things that may lead to early menopause are autoimmune disorders. These disorders are also found to have a link with POF.

Some women just have lower egg counts and that can lead to earlier menopause.

Getting an infection too can have the potential to push you into early menopause. Two of the most common of these types of infections will be tuberculosis and mumps.

Even though this can be a cause, it is very rare and not something most women have to worry about.

Some medical treatments for various diseases can cause early menopause. Treatment for cancer, especially those cancers that are in the reproductive organs, can cause early menopause.

Treatments for cancer will kill not only the deadly cancer cells but all the surrounding cells as well.

Sometimes, these early menopause symptoms will only be temporary, but in other cases, it can lead to the permanent onset of menopausal symptoms.

According to some evidence smoking can also be a cause of early menopausal symptoms. That may just be another reason to quit smoking (along with many other good reasons to quit).

Overall, most of the reasons for early onset of menopausal symptoms are fairly rare and do not affect too many women.

However, if you are one of those woman who are in that group, you will have to speak to your doctor about how to find relief for the worst of the symptoms.

So, like many women, you may think that you are not ready for menopause, and really, who is ready for such an long lasting and unpleasant experience? But the reality is that any women over 30 may be old enough for menopause.

I know you may be thinking «I am to young for Menopause» and hopefully you won’t be one of those women who are prone to early menopause, but if you do get the symptoms have a talk with doctor.