Is Doubling Stocks A Scam

After Years Of Trading, I’m Really Cynical About Most Newsletters!

This is a review that comes from my personal experience with Marl «The Stock Trading Robot».

The Doubling Stocks newsletter provides stock picks that are chosen by an extremely expensive, and very high tech automated trading system that sells for $28,000 dollars (US). No, that’s not a typo, $28,000! At that price and sophistication level, its definitely a system for the «big kids». There is however a way to play. For only $47 you can subscribe to the newsletter, and get the picks that were done by Marl in time to place a trade for the opening bell. Once you’ve subscribed, you get Marls picks in your email at regular intervals.

Over the past 15 years, I’ve worked with a lot of trading systems, both manual and automated. After having traded stocks on all the major exchanges as well as options and commodities, and holding several licenses within the financial services industry, I consider myself a pretty well informed guy. Over those years I have had some minor success with automated trading systems, but never anything that would allow me to take a trip to Tahiti, and not come back. When I found Doubling Stocks, my ego had to take a couple of steps backward. There is no way this can work, or so I thought.
Do Automated Trading Systems and Stock Bots Work?

Frankly, as a general rule, NO! The amount of data that has to be analyzed is extremely complex, and gets more complex every day. There are thousands of trading programs out there, from consumer level to professional. Most are indeed scams, and the ones that aren’t, the ones the pros use, are to expensive for the average trader the even consider.

These systems require an incredible amount of knowledge to program. Not just an absolute understanding of technical analysis, but also of advanced mathematics, statistics and statistical analysis and advanced programming skills. That’s why these guys make big bucks. They are geniuses in several areas.
More About Marl The Stock Trading Robot

So, when your a genius, and develop a program like Marl, where do you go from there. After all, guys like Carl and Michael, who had been with Goldman Sachs, don’t just site around on their hands. Marl was an incredibly successful project, and they wanted to move on to something else.

I found the Doubling Stocks newsletter when I was looking at some information on market analysis and ways to analyze more stocks faster. Being the cynic that I am, I don’t usually trust information at first glance, so I did a lot of research and found that there are some who are critical of the concept of Marl, giving an advantage to the big trading firms. Well in my mind, that’s the kind of criticism that I don’t mind seeing. In my trading efforts, I really want an unfair advantage. But I certainly didn’t want to spend $28,000 on this!

The Doubling Stocks newsletter allows subscribers to see the signals and picks generated by Marl, and share in the profit. It really is the way to go for those of us who are not working for a large Wall St. firm. These are some of the claims made by Carl and Michael about Marl:

* Average returns above 100%, often within first 3 hours of market opening
* Very high rate of success of picking winning stocks
* Marl can analyze 7 stock charts per second (I’m lucky if I can truly analyze 7 in a day)
* Marl can process 1,986,832 mathematical calculations per second
* Feedback loop allows Marl to constantly be perfecting its trading formula (all that means is that it learns, and improves)
* It means that Marl can be extremely selective
* One lifetime fee of only $47
* 8 week, 100% money back guarantee!

Learn More About Marl The Stock Picking Robot

With all of the positive news being reported about the Doubling Stocks newsletter, it was worth my time and money to check it out. And I had nothing to lose with the 8 week money back guarantee. That was definitely enough time to evaluate the program. If it worked, I would be able to make back the $47 cost on my first trade. If not, I would get my money back.

I Made My Money Back, And Then Some

After my first trade, I knew this was for real. I made my money back and then some on my first trade. I average 2 trades per week, and while Marl isn’t right 100% ( who is? )of the time, the upside profits are enough to keep a smile on my face, and a rapidly increasing amount of cash in my trading account.

I was thinking about making a video so people could watch the program in action, but then I noticed that they actually have one, that shows an actual trade and the profit created on the Doubling Stocks site.

I have nearly replaced my monthly income using the Doubling Stocks newsletter. I’ve spent years making other people money, now its my turn, and yours. The Doubling Stocks newsletter has given me the opportunity to do what I really love, trade stock successfully, and spend time with my family.

Its great to be skeptical, I was. But with nothing to lose, its definitely worth a try. Option 1 is you make your money back on the first trade, like I did. Option 2 is you find that its not for you ( I kind of doubt this), and you have 8 weeks to try it out, and get a 100% money back guarantee. Thats plenty of time to make a decision with no risk!

Heres is what I recommend you try —

* Get the newsletter (its a one time, lifetime fee)
* Don’t put any money into the first 4 or five trades, but watch them as if you had money in them.
* Once you see the potential, put a few hundred in one of Marls tips.
* Relax, pour a cup of coffee and enjoy the money!