look at big luxury houses

There’s nothing like growing up in a small, three-bedroom ranch house to make you crave big houses. Ever since I can remember, I was fascinated by the idea of one day owning a big house. I loved anything with mansions on a hill, castles, forts, or Châteaus. My parents seemed to feel the same way. On weekends, we would drive through the expensive, ritzy neighborhoods on the edge of town. My parents said it was because they were more scenic, but I knew in my heart that we were there to look at the big nice houses. My parents were great parents, but they never had a lot of money. They always felt a little bit insecure about this, even though they could provide for us. I was grateful for everything that they did for me, but I did share their dreams. One day, I wanted to own a big nice house too.

When I started to look at big luxury houses, however, I was a little bit dismayed. At the time, I was working a good job. My income was in the high five figure rang, but even so I knew I would never be able to afford any of the really big houses that I saw. Real estate cost too much money. Property rates were high in the area I was currently living in, and even small houses were pretty expensive. Maybe I would be able to afford a fixer upper one day, but I would never be able to live in the type of luxury that I had envisioned.

One day, however, I came to realize that it would be possible to buy a bigger house. The key was to look for unconventional opportunities. Most people who are buying real estate simply look at the market, but there are other places where you can acquire big houses. For example, when banks foreclose on houses or when the government repossesses homes involved in criminal activities, they often sell them off at below market rates. You have to be willing to do a little fix up work most of the time, but it is well worth it. You can end up with a great home at a very affordable price if you know where to look for it. After going to a few of these auctions, I started to bid myself. Soon, I was living in one of the really big houses on the outside of town!