Make Woodworking More Enjoyable With Quality Tools

People everywhere are discovering the joy of woodworking. Today, when furniture and other types of wood-based manufacturing is moving overseas, getting old-fashioned quality is often next to impossible.

And of course, the high price of fine already-made wood products can also be prohibitively high. The good news is more and more people are either getting into woodworking or are expanding their skills and shops.

As a leading manufacturer of woodworking tools, our customers range from the weekend hobbyist with a set-up in the garage, to shops that turn out growing quantities of quality wood products.

One thing that will make your woodworking efforts far more productive and enjoyable is having the proper tools. Often we point to a professional’s skills as what separates him or her from the amateur, but skill isn’t the only factor. A pro usually has a well-developed collection of quality tools, with the right tool for every job.

And that’s a BIG advantage. Just about any job goes faster and gets better results when you have the RIGHT tool for the situation.

One constant challenge for woodworking shops is to keep dust under control. Super-fine saw dust can accumulate on floors, walls, in air conditioning, clog up tools, and even serve as fuel for fires. Worst of all, breathing saw dust can have a serious effect on your health. Most cities now have requirements that all commercial woodworking shops have dust gathering and removal systems.

An over-arm blade cover with dust collection for your table saw can be just what you need to control dust. Coupled to an appropriate dust collection system the blade cover will collect the dust as it flies off the revolving saw blade, keeping your shop and the air you breathe clean.

A sliding table will be a definite asset to your woodworking shop. Available in four sizes and designed to fit most table saws, sliding tables make it easy and safer for one person to cut large, heavy panels or long stock accurately. Plus, each sliding table has a two-part quick release-mounting bracket. With this you can quickly remove the sliding table from your table saw and attach it to your spindle shaper, router table or band saw.

If you’re serious about woodworking, don’t be afraid to spend the money to get really good quality professional tools. The price is often very affordable, and you’ll get years of enjoyment and productivity from your arsenal of well-chosen tools.