Motorcycle Maintenance

Maintaining the motorcycle is an important part of owning
this type of vehicle, or any vehicle for that matter. Doing
this ensures that the motorcycle is running smoothly and

Also, a well-maintained motorcycle is relatively safe from
accidents and breakdowns compared to those that are not.

Below are some of the things that you should look into when
maintaining your motorcycle.

1. Tires

— this is one part of your motorcycle that you will have to
replace often so you should check it regularly. Before
riding your bike, you should always check the tire pressure
since too much or too little air can have a significant
negative effect on your motorcycle.

So buy a pressure gauge to accurately check your tire
pressure. Also if the tread on the tires are already
shallow (around 1mm) replace them immediately.

2. Oil

— it is essential to keep your motor running smoothly. You
should therefore check it periodically and replace it every
so often (2,000-4,000 km or every 3-6 months).

3. Fuel

— keep your fuel filter clean and replace it after every
two years. Also, if you notice any damage on the filter,
you should change it with a new one immediately.

4. Battery

— is important to run the electronic parts of your vehicle
such as the lights and the horn. If you notice a decrease
in its performance, then it’s probably time to replace your

Also check it regularly and make sure that the things like
the terminals are clean and that there are no damages in
the cables and clamps.