Natural Teeth Whitening

You’ll be surprised to know that you can whiten your teeth
naturally, without the use of artificial cleansers and
man-made chemicals.

In fact, in the Elizabethan era, about 400 years ago,
almost everyone took care of their teeth with natural

Back then, they didn’t have access to tooth gels, tooth
pastes or dentists. Hence, each one was their own dentist
as they took good oral care through natural remedies.

If you were rich, then a mixture of honey, vinegar, and
wine was the ultimate tooth cleanser for you. Even now, you
can apply this regularly and see the difference for

A few centuries ago, an old rag with salt and water was
also used to whiten teeth. You might be shocked to know
that in ancient times, human urine was used as a tooth
whitening product!

To avoid the need of whitening your teeth you can also take
preventive measures. It is seen that teeth become yellow
with age.

Your diet intake also plays a major role in determining
your teeth shades. Some of the things that you will want to
avoid include coffee, smoking, and tea.

Although you may not realize it, one of the worst things
for your teeth is chips and wafers. Sometimes yellowing of
your teeth may also be hereditary.

However, rinsing your mouth with a 75% lemon juice and 25%
salt solution is known to work wonders for teeth whitening.
Some of the best foods and drinks that will prevent
bacteria from forming include celery and straight cranberry

Believe it or not, dark chocolate also reduces the amount
of bacteria that can be found in one’s mouth. So next time
you see your teeth turning yellowish you need not shell out
those bucks for your teeth whitening appointment.