One Day Dvd Rental

If you want to watch a dvd and you want to know the best place to rent it from for a one day dvd rental, then you are not limited in the options you have.

A one day dvd rental can come from many places so all you really need to do is pick the best option for you. Here is a brief overview of the various places you can rent DVD’s and video games from. I will include a little bit about the rental options as well as some pros and cons for each.

Here are your options:

1. A local video store. There are still some «mom and pop» video stores around, but I know many of them simply could not compete against the big chains. In your locale you probably have a Blockbuster or Family Video or some other national or regional chain for video and game rentals.

Most of these brick and mortar video stores operate in the same, or similar ways. You will sign up for a membership which is usually free, and as part of your membership you can rent movies for one or more days.

Now, here is where things can get tricky. Each store will have it’s own pricing and policies so you will have to check what they are at your local store. In general, it costs around $2 to $3 to rent a video for one or two nights.

In general, you will be charged a late fee if you don’t get your video returned to the store by the time stated, if you are not sure what time that is make sure you ask. The late fee will vary so again, make sure you ask.

Blockbuster recently changed their in store rental policy to «get rid» of late fees. But if you read the fine print you will see that if you don’t return your video by the due date you will be charged daily until your video is returned. I’m not sure why they say they don’t have a late fee, because that sounds like a late fee.

Just make sure you are familiar with all the policies of any video store you rent from to save unnecessary expenses.

2. A subscription for home delivery. One of the best known companies for this is Netflix. They will deliver DVD’s and games right to your home in the mail. They come in their own prepaid envelopes so you can just use the same envelope to send your DVD’s back.

Blockbuster has also recently added a feature like this. In both cases you will sign up for a subscription which is quite inexpensive depending on the plan you choose, usually less than around $10 a month. You pick out what movies you want to see and add them to your list, then they get sent out in that order.

You can have one or more videos at any given time, depending on the plan you chose. You can send them back whenever you want, one at a time or all of them at once.

Whenever you return one or more DVD’s, you will then be sent the next one(s) in your list or queue.

Both Netflix and Blockbuster also have the option of streaming videos right to your computer or t.v. so you don’t even have to wait for delivery. At this time, though, the selection for streaming movies isn’t as complete as with the mail order videos. There are no late fees.

No matter which method you use for a one day dvd rental, just know that there are many inexpensive ways for you and your family to enjoy the latest movies and games. So, pick the one that is right for you and sit back and enjoy!