One of the most important factors in postcard printing aside from the design is the papers stocks. The paper can really make a big difference especially for postcards that have a very simple theme. The paper stock can provide the postcards with that extra flare.

The paper stock used for commercial postcard printing is divided into two categories the coated and the uncoated. Under these categories are sub categories that are determined by means of weight and these are the text and then the cover stock. The text stock pertains to the lighter weight paper used usually for the inside or the body of a book or a catalog and much more expensive than the cover weight paper. On the other hand, cover stock is heavier but more durable and commonly used for outside covering of books or catalogs and has a chic look and feel to it.

In terms of the coated paper stock options for postcards, there are two options the gloss and the matte stock which are both coated papers. The gloss paper stocks are commonly used for brochures, flyers and the likes. Likewise, it is also used for full color printing projects like full color photographs, full color images as well as some graphics that requires crisp resolutions for a more realistic effect. The matte stock on the other hand is much preferred for promotional materials that requires dull finish.

In creating postcards multi-page paper stocks may also be employed as an option. The multi-page paper stocks are best for body or text pages for books which are often times printed in only one color on a white offset stock paper. For heavy ink with many black and white photographs coverage requires 60# white offset text. The choice on the weight of the stock to be used depends on the purpose like for self-cover books the usual weight used are 50#, 60# and 70# where offset text are usually used. Nevertheless, for perfect hard bound books with above 50 to 80 pages requires a much heavier offset stock. Likewise for saddle stitched books a more hard-wearing offset stock is much preferred like a 67# white vellum offset cover.

If you just can’t decide on the type of paper stock to use consult your chosen full color postcard printing provider to help you make the correct choice. It is always best to seek out the advice of expert providers remember that mistakes in the choice of paper stock may lead to poor quality of output.