Taking a Career Assessment Test

Even though I graduated from college more than six months ago, I still haven’t quite decided what kind of job I’d like to have. I majored in Business Administration, so there are a variety of fields open to me; I just can’t figure out what I’d really like to do with my life. I went back to my school’s job placement center to talk to one of the counselors there, and she suggested that I take a career assessment test to help me pinpoint my interests.

I’d never thought about taking a career assessment test before because. I wondered how much good it would do to evaluate my various aptitudes now — especially since I already have my degree and everything. It’s not as though I can go back to school and study Art History or whatever if the career assessment tests shows that I ought to be a museum curator. But the counselor assured me that people of all ages take these surveys, and that it’s never too late to find out where my interests lie.

I finally agreed to do so, but then found out that I’d have to go all the way back to campus (a two-and-a-half hour drive) for it. That didn’t appeal to me, so instead I got online and checked to see if I could take a career assessment test that way. Sure enough, I discovered many job-related websites that offer free career assessment tests to people who are struggling to find their path in life.

After choosing a couple of websites that looked helpful, I sat down and worked my way through three separate career assessment tests. Even though the questions were different, I got the same results: I would be best suited as an office manager of some sort. That’s not very exciting, I guess, but it’s kind of how I always envisioned myself anyway, so I think these surveys are actually pretty accurate.

In addition to the interest surveys, many of these websites I found also featured other job-hunting tools and resources, such as resume wizards, cover letter samples, and even placement services for those who know what kind of position they want. Many of these resources are completely free, so I might as well revamp my resume, polish my cover letter, and start my job search anew. Now that I know where to focus my energies, I’m confident that I’ll land a good job sometime soon.

If you’re currently wrestling with questions about your future, I recommend taking a career assessment test to help point you in the right direction. Doing so might just lead you to your dream job!