The Benefits of a Baby Massage

Many new mothers prepare for the birth of their young one by doing everything possible. They read books and magazines just to find out what the latest discoveries are. While this is good, you should also never forget how to make your baby as comfortable as possible. They will be unable to express their discomfort, and you can only tell that they need you when they cry or fuss.

The sense of touch is what develops first. They feel you every time you rock them to sleep. As they enter the world, they look for that stimulating massage from a doctor or nurse so that they are able to adapt to the new world around them. They need to be constantly reassured. Whenever they are in pain, they look for the arms that circle their body. They see this as a sign that someone is there to care for their needs.

Many cultures believe in the power of the massage. Most often, adults see this as something they can benefit. Oftentimes, they don’t realize that babies need it just as much or even more. Recent findings have proven that the little ones can just as much benefit from it. They’ve published articles that show how it improves the baby’s development. Luckily, many have caught on. In fact, there are classes just for a parent and baby to bond through the power of the massage.

The practice of massage continues throughout the life of a person. The power of touch enhances relationships. It also serves as a way for a parent to communicate with their baby. They do it during their alone time, and babies learn to value that adult that is actively present in their life.

Many babies are also born prematurely. They need special care because they’ve somewhat entered this world not fully prepared. The massage helps in their physiological and emotional development. In fact, people believe that babies experience fewer health problems when they are massaged. Moreover, they eat and sleep much better when someone is constantly there to give them the touch that they need.

So what are the benefits of a massage? First off, you will see a marked improvement on the way they digest their food. Mothers who are active believers claim that this helps their babies feed better. They are less likely to colic as well. Daily abdominal massages coupled with a change in their diet have manifested wonders. You’ll also be amazed at how babies are soothed to sleep after a short treatment. You will see that they are less likely to throw a tantrum and are, in fact, a lot calmer. As a parent, you too can benefit from it because you won’t be agitated as often by their bouts of crying and frustration. As for their immune system, you will notice that they will require less medicine. This just goes to show you that nature has also provided parents with ways of coping with changes that come with having a new baby.

As a parent, you seriously have to consider incorporating baby massage into your daily routine. You can do so much just by working on the blood circulation. Not only are they better from the inside, but you will also see a healthier glow on their skin.