bear spray

Many of us love the great outdoors with a passion. Not much can vie with Mother Nature and all her wonders. But as much as we enjoy hitting the trails on our mountain bikes, camping out beneath the stars and hiking the countless wooded paths, we have to keep something in mind. The woods are not ours. They belong to the creatures who inhabit them. Some of these creatures are even a bit frightening if we encounter them personally. Have you ever come face-to-face with a Kodiak grizzly bear? This is no joke! If you’ve seen that flick «The Edge,» then you definitely know where I’m coming from. So here’s the deal; it’s time to go prepared. What you need for those bouts with the great outdoors is a can of bear spray. This stuff will get the job done!

Okay, you are probably not so likely to encounter a vicious bear in your lifetime, but it goes without saying that you’d want to be prepared if you did. Your very existence could certainly depend on it. Anyway, let’s step back into the more common urbanized jungle. The one you are familiar with. You trudge the streets and sidewalks of this habitat on a daily basis. And although you’re not likely to encounter a grizzly, you just might find yourself face-to-face with an assailant of some sort. Maybe he’s after your money and jewelry, or maybe he’s after your life. Either way, you need to be prepared for anything. This is why the bear spray, otherwise known as potent pepper spray, comes in quite useful. If an attacker leaps out, you can hose his visage with this powerful incapacitator. Bear spray is a wonderful equalizer.

Hey, if it will deter and/or take down a massive grizzly bear, then you’d better believe bear spray will put a man on his butt quickly. The trick in such circumstances is not hesitating. Have your pepper spray accessible and don’t be afraid to use it. After all, this is an individual who means you harm, and possibly even death. The bear spray isn’t going to kill him. It’s just going to stop him from attacking you, and allow you to flee with haste. Find all sorts of Mace and pepper spray products online at any time. It’s your right to be safe!