beauty pageant

We watch them on television. They’re the women who dream of having it all. No I’m not talking about the future politicians. Think more along the lines of those who strive for a more physical appreciation. Think Miss America, Miss USA, and Miss Universe. It’s all about the classic beauty pageant. Millions of girls dream of this spotlight, but only few succeed. Now, is it really worth all the grooming, preparation and effort to wear this crown? Well, that all depends on the individual and her life goals. Do you have what it takes to win?

I’ve never been a big fan of the typical beauty pageant scene. Sure, I like watching the swimsuit part on television, just like every other guy on the planet, but I really don’t see the point. Girls compete in a «beauty pageant» for what exactly? To be recognized as beautiful and important? Furthermore, where in the world does the swimsuit part fit in? This is totally there to encourage men to watch. That’s my opinion anyway. But hey, it certainly works. Anyway, I once dated a girl who was completely consumed with the beauty pageant process. She was destined to become Miss USA. Not miss America. There is a different you know. Miss America is simply Miss America. Miss USA, however, can go on to compete for the Miss Universe crown. Got all that? Oh, and let’s not forget about Miss Teen USA. This makes it possible for young women to begin competing seriously at an early age. Okay, back to my ex-girlfriend. She was obsessed with the traditional beauty pageant. She was determined to become Miss North Carolina, and then go on to compete in the Miss USA pageant. Unfortunately for her, she bombed and didn’t even make the final ten. Oh well, what can you do. Sadly this had a negative effect on her self-esteem thereafter. This is something all parents should remember about beauty pageants. Although they can make your daughter happy and proud, they can also crush their self-esteem in a heartbeat.

Being a parent myself, I can’t say that I will encourage my daughter to enter a beauty pageant when she is older. I don’t care how often people tell me she’s beautiful. She can clearly be beautiful and confident without the burden of a beauty pageant lifestyle.