changing table

One thing you want to have in your nursery is a changing table. These have changed over the years, but they all still do the same thing. They provide a safe space for you to change your baby when you have to worry about them rolling away, or when you have very little light in which to see. You should think about safety when buying one, of course, but you should also think about convenience when you choose. There are some that are better than others, and you want the best.

Your changing table should always have a soft pad on which to change the baby. You also want something that might help when a child starts to roll. You should never take your eyes off of baby, but we all know things happen. Some come with a belt you can put around baby if you need to do so, and those are always nice. Just make sure they work securely with your changing table. Make sure the pad and the belt are made of good material that will not irritate the skin of your baby. If you have no need for the belt, see if the model you like comes without one, or if the existing one is easy to remove.

You want to have a changing table that is just high enough for you. You don’t want to have to bend over when changing your baby, or you will soon develop problems with your back. You also don’t want something so high that you find yourself feeling awkward when using it. You can find a changing table that is perfect, but if it is the wrong height, it won’t do you much good. Some are adjustable, and those might be the best ones you can get.

Also think about things like extra storage and ease of use when you are choosing a changing table. You can always use more storage in a nursery, and this is a great way to get that space. You want to have room for all of the essentials that you need when changing baby so you are never tempted to walk away from the changing table while your baby is on top of it. Sometimes, installing a shelf above that table is also a great idea for things like powders and lotions that you use quite often. This keeps them in easy reach while keeping them out of the hands of the baby.