charcoal water filters

Taking better care of our health has been a leading theme over the past decade. People want to be healthier in the longer lives that we are living. Better health care includes regular medical check ups, eating healthier foods and getting exercise and rest. Drinking plenty of water is also important to maintaining good health. The bottled water industry is making millions of dollars off of people wanting good quality water.

My husband and I live in a rural area in the lakes area of our state. We have our own well because the city water does not extend out to our area. The water from our well has a great deal of iron in it so we need to have a water softener to keep our pipes from corroding and to keep our sinks, tubs, toilets and laundry from turning rusty colored. We did not like drinking the water out of the tap because of the salt content from the softener. Our neighbor told us that they use charcoal water filters for their drinking water. They feel that the charcoal water filters greatly improve the taste of the water and the company that produces the filters claim that they reduce the sodium level from softened water.

We bought the charcoal water filters and the pitcher that goes with it. We decided to have the pitcher variety so we would always have cold water in the refrigerator. The charcoal water filters are also available as an attachment to your faucet, but we did not think we needed to filter all of the water that came through the faucet. If we did that we would have to replace the filters too often and we would be spending more money than buying bottled drinking water. We do still buy bottled drinking water to take along with us in the boat or on outings, but we use the cold water out of the pitcher to drink with meals or to have a glass of water when we are in the house. We also use the water out of the pitcher to make our coffee. The coffee that is made from the filtered water tastes so much better. Also we used to notice an oily residue on the coffee if it sat in the pot for any length of time. Now that we use filtered water the residue is not longer there. Getting plenty of water is important for better health and it is also important to consider the source of that water. Having some type of filtering system to trap the unwanted chemicals is important.