Half Moon Bay California

San Francisco California is beautiful, but sometimes I need a little trip outside of the city limits to relax and unwind. One of the great things about the San Francisco bay is that there are so many places around where you can go to experience the full beauty of nature. If you want to really get away from it all, of course, you can go to Point Reyes California, a national marine refuge right on the California coast. My favorite place to go, however, is Half Moon Bay California.

Half Moon Bay California is a great destination for many reasons. First of all, the beaches in Half Moon Bay California are out of this world. There are beautiful tide pools, ceaseless waves rolling in, and sandy stretches that go on and on for miles and miles. Sometimes I will go to Half Moon Bay California and just spend all day on the beach, looking out at the ocean. I have a few friends in Half Moon Bay, and often they will meet me there to walk along the shoreline. It never gets old. It is always so beautiful.

When my parents came in from the Midwest to visit, we all spent a week staying in hotels in Half Moon Bay California. It was more fun than I’ve had with my parents in a long time. We would sleep in late, get up, and go to Half Moon Bay restaurants. After that, we would head off to the beach. We would spend hours walking along the seashore, and finally end up in a half Moon Bay music club at night. We could listen to jazz, rock ‘n roll, or folk music. You name it and you can find it there. For such a small town, it really supported a thriving music scene. Half Moon Bay California is definitely a great tourist destination.

The only problem with Half Moon Bay California is that it such a long way away from San Francisco. Don’t get me wrong, it is only a few hours by car, but for those of us who do not have cars it can take hours and hours to get there. The public transportation to Half Moon Bay California is pretty good, but it is not all that good. You can not just decide to head to Half Moon Bay like it was Ocean Beach in San Francisco. You definitely have to plain it out ahead of time or you will not get there.