Hawaii fishing

Whether a novice or an experienced fishing fan, one of the best places to enjoy the sport is in the Hawaiian Islands. Hawaii fishing involves every kind of fishing against a backdrop of spectacular scenery. Many records have been set here for catches. The islands host various tournaments for the serious competitor but recreational fishing and families and young children are encouraged to participate in the sport.

It’s advisable to become familiar with the regulations covering equipment restrictions, seasonal restrictions and regulated areas and rules governing licenses and permits. Many companies operate charter boats, supplying skippers and expert guides, some of whom have been involved with Hawaii fishing for twenty years or more.

Bottom fishing in Waikiki doesn’t require any previous experience and its great fun for the whole family. Charter boats can be booked, equipped with rod, tackle, squid bait, juice or water and round trip transport from various Waikiki hotels. In season, passengers may be able to watch humpback whales. Some boats carry barbecues to cook the catch, which is likely to be snapper, manpachi, bonefish or akule.

Bass fishing is very popular here, especially in the reservoirs on Kauai Island. The Peacock Bass is particularly prized, as it is powerful and can be tricky to land. It lives in shallow waters, requiring the use of stealth boats, and is only to be found in Hawaii, Florida, Venezuela and Columbia. Largemouth Bass and Smallmouth Bass are also caught here. Guides with bass experience are on hand to advise people of any ability.

Kona Island is surrounded by a mountain range and is therefore sheltered, resulting in lake calm waters on the coast. Deep Sea fishing, so popular on Hawaii fishing trips, can be pursued here, a short distance from the shore. The stocks include six species of billfish and tuna, wahoo, dorado and several big game bottom fish. There is also spearfish, snapper and grouper.

The trophy fish for all game fishing participants is the blue marlin. World records in Hawaii fishing very often involve the marlin and there are many charter companies that offer boats with experienced crews to take people out, particularly off Oahu Island. This island also has the prospect of catching wahoo, dolphin fish, yellowfin tuna and skipjack tuna. Skipjack tuna is also to be found off Haleiwa.

In addition to fishing, there are a number of other outdoor activities to enjoy, such as surfing, rafting, snorkeling and kayaking. Taking a helicopter ride is a great way of seeing the islands and many visitors explore by staying in camping grounds. There are also several first class golf courses.