Learn to Choose the Best Hair Removal Wax Product in 4 Ways

Among the many types of hair removal, waxing is the most common. It is considered as a transitory form of hair removal, where the hairs are being pulled out from the roots using wax material.

Since they were pulled out from the roots, new batches of hair will not grow until about 3 to 8 weeks later. That is why they are considered temporary, because the hair still grows back. However, compared to shaving, which is another type of hair removal, new hair growth is delayed.

In essence, waxing, also known as physical depilatory, is achieved by applying a thin wax recipe on top of the targeted area in the skin. After which, a paper strip, or any fabric is compressed on the upper portion of the skin. The strips are then pulled off opposed to the course of the hair growth using a fast action.

There are many hair removal wax product available in the market today. They vary according to the kind of waxing method being employed.

For instance, hair removal wax products used in “speedwaxing” utilize honey-based waxes. Included in the package are fiber strips or muslins used to eliminate hair that are prominent in larger areas of the body.

On the other hand, hair removal wax products used in cold waxing or European technique have low temperatures. These kinds of hair removal wax products do not make use of strips, hence, it is recommended for the face and on hypersensitive areas of the skin.

Consequently, choosing the best type of hair removal wax product is the key to an effective hair removal. Not all hair removal wax products were created equal, hence, it is best to identify the best one in the market.

Here are some tips on choosing the best hair removal wax product:

1. Do your homework

In order to make informed decisions, you need information. Right? And the only information you need are those that will tell you what waxing is all about.

It is best to learn the properties of wax, their differences, the way they are used, etc. Knowing these things will let you identify the best kind of wax product used in hair removal.

2. Shop and compare

Do not buy or use the first hair removal wax product that you encounter. It is best to shop and compare products first before you set your mind on one thing.

Hair removal wax products may differ on their prices, packaging, efficiency, and formulation. Therefore, you can never be sure which hair removal wax product will best work for you.

3. Evaluate your condition

Waxing is not for everybody. So before you decide whether you ought to use hair removal wax products, try to do an assessment of yourself first.

First, the target area should have at least ¼ inch of “hair growth” to qualify for waxing. It will be useless if you will wax an area with hair growth less than a quarter inch.

Second, tolerance with pain. Can you stand the pain? Survey shows that almost 85% of women complain about the bruises that they get every after waxing treatment. Nevertheless, most of them were able to stand the pain and the results had been quite effective to some extent.

Lastly, your health condition. If you are diabetic or you have varicose veins, waxing is not an ideal hair removal process for you. People with these health conditions are more susceptible to infections.

Keep in mind that stripping off those strips after applying wax requires force. It may only damage frail skin. Skin with pimples, rashes, warts, or moles should not employ waxing as well.

The point here is to avoid further health problems brought about by infection. Skin with the abovementioned conditions are weak and may break easily.

4. Be wary on the manufacturers

Keep in mind that some unscrupulous people can create fake or low standard hair removal wax products just to earn money. Hence, it is best to steer clear from these products.

Only buy hair removal wax products from well-known manufacturers. Quality should never be sacrificed with quantity. Never choose hair removal wax products that are less expensive because you will never know what you will get.

Indeed, choosing a particular hair removal wax product can be very risky, especially if it is your first time. So better consult your dermatologist or a reliable person who can attest the efficiency and safety of a certain hair removal wax product.