Remove Unwanted Hair At Your Home

Hair? Is it enemy or friend? We’re talking about unwanted hair – such as facial hair, chest hair, back hair, hair on the arms and legs (for women.) It depends on the culture. If you are a French woman, it is pretty much accepted that you don’t shave your underarms. At least not as much as an American woman should.

Whichever the case, if you come from a culture whose viewpoint in unwanted hair is a problem that can affect self-esteem and confidence, there are solutions to making it less visible. You can shave it off, wax it away or apply depilatory creams. These may only be temporary but with the proper maintenance and continuous take on this newly-found hygienic ritual, your unwanted hair won’t be that much of a problem.

However, if you want to permanently remove your unwanted hair, you can resort to electrolysis or laser removal. This is costly. For example, electrolysis costs $40 to $150 per session. That is why producers came up with home laser hair removal appliances.

Laser hair removal machines that you see in salons or clinics cost around $20,000. But home laser hair removals can be purchased for less than $300. One of the top models that can be bought on ebay is the Epila Laser for $270.

But a price can say something about the quality of the product. Take for example a digital camera that you bought at a cheap rate. Sure, it’s cheaper but how sure are you that it would still work if let’s say you accidentally dropped it. The same goes out for the hair removal machines that come in cheap.

Most men and women save up for their laser treatments just to be on the safe side. Laser has been proven to give off good results, meeting the customer’s expectations. Also, the difference between laser at the salon and the laser you do at your home is that an expert will be the one handling the machine in the former. In the latter, you will be controlling it yourself and a manual is sometimes not enough to know the basics and essentials.

In fact, some people who have tried the home laser removal appliances for themselves have commented that the machine had a side effect. It placed holes in their faces and failed to kill the hair follicles, thus the hair kept growing back.

Most of the times these products claim that they were made abroad. Amazingly though, when you check the box, it is written there that it was made someplace else – mostly in an Asian country, where labor is cheap.

There had also been stories of people who bought home laser removal machines abroad, only to have side effects on their skin. The consumer bought a product that was indeed a laser but only burned one hair at one time thus it damaged his skin. In the end, he turned to professional laser removal in order to fix the burns on his skin.

It is all a matter of conducting proper research whether a home laser removal product is more appropriate for you. You can also opt for saving enough in order to get that laser treatment. In fact, clients who underwent the procedure assure that it may be expensive but it is worth it because the unwanted hair hardly grew back. In fact, some of them even say that theirs no longer grew anymore.

Home laser products as opposed to professional home laser removal may be cheaper but it does not give you the assurance that what you pay will be worth it. Based on the stories mentioned here, these home laser products are not at all a 100% safe. It is a common knowledge on you should always consult a professional when you have concerns regarding your physicality – that includes your skin.

If money is an issue and you would want to remove hair, then resort to the good old fashion methods such as shaving it off with the razor. Waxing has also been popular. It may be painful compared to shaving but in the end, you will have smoother legs. Then there’s the depilatory cream which is helpful for both men and women.

Science and technology knows how social norms regard hair. Some hair is acceptable, others aren’t. Too much hair can lessen self-confidence of an individual. That is why they came up with products to help us with these concerns. But marketing also joined the bandwagon by coming up with home laser removal products.

Choose wisely which method you’d go for.