The Health Benefits of Honeydew Melon

Honeydew melon is a sweet, juicy fruit that contains a bountiful of health benefits as well. It’s always nice to have a food we love to eat which is also healthy. So here are some of the wonderful benefits that honeydew melons offer you.

* There’s tons of vitamin C in honeydew melon. Not only is vitamin C beneficial for your immune system, but it also helps keep your skin looking young and firm. If you have trouble absorbing iron, then vitamin C will help. One small wedge of honeydew melon provides you with more than 50% of the recommend daily allowance of vitamin C.

* Honeydew has only 64 calories and about 14 grams of natural sugar per cup. This makes it a great low-fat food to eat. And because of the natural sweetness, it’s the perfect snack to satisfy any sweet craving you are having. Watch it with those carbohydrates, though. Those 14 grams of natural sugar aren’t the greatest for low-carb diets.

* Honeydew melon is low in sodium and very low in saturated fat and cholesterol.

* It is possible that honeydew melon can decrease your chances of developing type two diabetes and even might help decrease your chances of developing certain kinds of cancer.

* Honeydew melon is healthy for the muscles, nerves, and heart with 8% of the recommended daily allowance of potassium in just one cup of honeydew melon. Potassium helps lower blood pressure, so eating honeydew melon is a great supplement-free way to get your body’s needed potassium.

* Vitamin B-6 anyone? Vitamin B-6 helps fight against heart disease and one serving of honeydew melon contains 12% of the recommended daily allowance. B vitamins might also reduce your risk of getting Alzheimer’s disease.

* Honeydew melon has 4% of a man’s recommended daily allowance of fiber and 6% of a woman’s recommended daily allowance of fiber. Fiber helps keep blood sugar balanced and helps lower cholesterol.

* As surprising as it may be, the body needs copper, and honeydew melon is a good source of this trace element. Copper is needed for healthy skin and skin cell regeneration.

* For pregnant women, honeydew melon provides a good source of folate which is a vitamin that helps prevent neural tube defects in babies. Folate supplements aren’t as beneficial as natural folates, and honeydew is a great way to get these folates and promote good brain function and prevent heart disease.

All in all, honeydew melon has many benefits to the heart, skin, and even the brain. And all of these things benefit from something which tastes great and is low in calories too.

Perhaps this is something that should be on a superfood list. Because not only do we love to eat honeydew melon, it also provides a good source of so many of our recommended daily allowances of vitamins. So go eat a cup of honeydew melon today to lower your blood pressure, improve your skin, and increase your brain function.